“Kawayan is the premier center of agriculture, commerce and trade, and eco-tourism of Biliran Province with God loving, empowered self-reliant and healthy people living in an ecologically-balanced, attractive and safe environment, in accordance with the management framework and strategy and programs on climate change and national disaster risk reduction under an economically stable and politically-matured community led by accountable and morally upright local officials.”


“The Municipality of Kawayan shall provide a good climate for the establishment of industries in accordance with the  rhythm and harmony of nature,  create opportunities for gainful employment for its constituents, adopt programs that shall promote economic stability, deliver social service effectively and efficiently through the coordinative effort from all sectors of the community which shall endeavor to protect and maintain a well-balanced environment”



  1. To attain economic stability through agri-tourism as an industry and optimizing potentials of men and women entrepreneurs, as key players on agriculture, fisheries, agrarian reform and tourism areas for greater productivity of the municipality;
  2. To enhance accessibility through improved efficient, well-developed and complete infrastructure and other support facilities that cater to community towards the development of all sectors in the municipality;
  3. To attain quality of life through provision of basic health services, adequate and affordable facilities, quality education through establishment of disaster-risk classrooms and learning facilities, sports-oriented and empowered families living in a socially, protective and safe environment.


  1. To provide livelihood and business opportunities to farmers, fisherfolks and entrepreneurs to improve production and family income
  2. To increase production and ensure food sufficiency through the use of sustainable agricultural technology and necessary production inputs; and
  3. To improve quality of life of the local populace
  4. To provide disaster-resilient infrastructure to cater all sectors in the community
  5. To provide access to main road and ports
  6. To establish resilient health facilities/services, affordable housing and school facilities
  7. To reduce the incidence of morbidity

Development Strategies

1. Agri-Fishery

1.1 Enhance production of agricultural crops:
a.) Cereal crops – rice and corn
b.) High value commercial crops
c.) Banana and fruit trees
1.2 Provision of pre and post production tools, equipment and facilities
1.3 Provide access to inputs and credits
1.4 Rehabilitate damaged irrigation facilities
1.5 Implement organic-cost reduction technology
1.6 Establish new/additional irrigation facilities
1.7 Enhance organizational set-up
1.8 Livestock and poultry production
a.) Improve animal health and quality assurance
b.) Improve control livestocks and poultry disease and pests
c.) Upgrading of livestock and poultry stocks
1.9 Implement crops, livestocks and fisheries insurance program
1.10 Establish community fish landing centers
1.11 Provision of fishing gears, boats, engine and equipment
1.12 Establish fish sanctuary and reserved zones
1.13 Actively affiliate to the Biliran Coastal Resource Management
1.14 Protect and conserve municipal marine areas
1.15 Prohibit extraction of sand and gravel in the coastal areas
1.16 Enforcement of post-harvest equipment and facilities
1.17 Maintain Patrol Boats
1.18 Provision of necessary equipment

2. Eco-tourism

2.1 Establish tourist spots/attractions:
a.) Waterfalls
b.) Spring pools
c.) Mountain resort at Mt. Panamao
d.) Beaches
e.) Cave and rock formation

2.2 Recreational fishing in the reserved zone
a.) Construct/Establish Municipal Tourism Office and Pasalubong
b.) Enhancement of Municipal Sports and Eco-Tourism Park
(construction of fountain, sports facilities, etc.)
2.4 Create Municipal Tourism Officer regular position
2.5 Establish a Reclamation Area at the existing Municipal Port which is
undergoing in its development for the construction of Bus and
Jeepney Terminal
2.6 Construction of Access Road from National Highway to Balite Port
2.7 Construction of additional classrooms to schools with lacking
2.8 Construction of Barangay Health Stations to those barangays which do
have none yet

3. Commerce and Trade

3.1 Establish regular market day
3.2 Provision of necessary equipment of existing Bagsakan Center and
Mini-Fish Port and Marketing Center
3.3 Provide access to inputs and credit facilities to small scale industries
3.4 Encourage owners/proprietors of business establishments to form into
an association